This is what people say about working with me . . .
"Working with Dawn gave me the opportunity to take my novel to the next level. Her suggestions included so many tips on the overall process, I felt like I received benefits equal to a short writing course along with the editing. Dawn helped me fine-tune things I knew my story needed, but she also pointed out other areas of weakness. Dawn’s detail oriented approach includes grace & encouragement while stressing the importance of structure & strong characters. In particular, I appreciated her provision of reasons and/or resources to back up her suggestions. I’ve already contracted Faithfully Write Editing to review my second novel and would highly recommend Dawn to anyone who wants to improve a specific story or increase their writing skills in general."

Jill Brayhill-Roberts
Author of Will You Be Mine

"I initially contacted Dawn for a critique of my novel. I was so encouraged by her comments, I felt hopeful that I might someday be published. Her firm, but gentle, suggestions for changes led me to pursue a combined copyedit and substantive edit, which was thorough and insightful. Dawn's skill with the technical aspects corrected my bad habits and tightened the structure. Her understanding of fiction captured the heart of the story and offered ways to bring out the best of my characters. I now feel confident that I have a book that will compete in the marketplace."

Michael Henry
Pastor and Author of Two Rivers

“Dawn introduced me to a far better and more exciting way to write. She did it by patiently explaining and teaching through her powerful editing style. I loved the way she suggested a range of options for me to use to enhance the depth of the characters’ personalities while maintaining the integrity of my story. Throughout the book, she used her considerable talent to make the story come alive, paying meticulous attention to the rules of writing. She has turned my manuscript into a beautiful book, and I will be forever grateful to her. Her commitment and dedication to the work has been inspirational to me.” 

Ella Rea Murphy
Author of Rebound

"Dawn Kinzer is an outstanding editor and consultant. I can always depend on her for a fast turnaround time and good quality service as well. She follows all of the protocols for proper editing, and understands the voice of the authors and the needs of the publisher."

Cheryl Haynes, Publisher
Future Word Publishing

"I worked with Dawn on my project. She is the type of person who instantly comes to mind when I think, "What type of person would I most like to work with on any project?" She is incredibly talented, easy to get along with, and absolutely passionate about everything she does. I experienced these qualities first hand when she sent me a sample of her editing services. 

With her suggestions, I was so impressed by how she can ‘enrich’ and/or ‘clean’ one’s manuscript without changing its tone. She is a professional editor; she exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her editing services."

Gerson Maso
Author of Through the Valley – The Journey of an African Refugee

"I am so pleased to provide an endorsement for Dawn Kinzer. Dawn did an amazing job on my novella. She is incredibly professional, answering all my questions and returning emails in a timely manner. She conducted a substantive edit on my manuscript, providing excellent feedback, suggestions, and questions that produced a better manuscript. With a rapid turn-around time and affordable rates, I look forward to working with Dawn again."

K. Victoria Chase
Author of Humalien Thirst

"Working with Dawn has been a fantastic experience. She handled my manuscript professionally, and paid great attention to the detail oriented nature of its technical content. She gave enough input to assure me she gave it a thorough review, but in no way crossed the line to attempt to change the project’s overall purpose and tone. 

I appreciated her gracious spirit in pointing out and addressing the many facets of the manuscript. I would definitely recommend her services."

Stephanie Tucker, CDAAC, CCS, M.Min, Clinical Supervisor
Director of Family & Codependence Treatment, New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center

Author of The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Survival to Significance

and A House that Grace Built: Moving Beyond Codependence to Embrace God’s Design for Love, Intimacy, and Wholeness.

"Dawn Kinzer did an awesome job! While editing my book, she was highly professional and still extremely personable. She worked through my manuscript much faster than I had anticipated. When I received it back, I found that she had done a great job of editing and still making sure the book reflected my personality. She was able to see me in the book and kept that part and even improved that voice in multiple areas. I no doubt will use her services again."

Kori Yates
Author of Olive Drab Pom-Poms

"I’m grateful to have Dawn Kinzer as an editor for my work. She provides a high standard of professional review of a manuscript. Dawn maintains the integrity of author ownership of the writing while providing excellent feedback. I appreciate her depth perception in her character analysis. Dawn is a good communicator, and she offers an appropriate turnaround time for each writing."

P. R. Hembree
Author of Eco-Sisters: The Car
and Convict Dad

"Writing with Dawn is fun. She warmly removes the speed bumps of fear and uncertainty that can prevent many of us from putting pen to paper. Her skill and ability gave me the freedom to allow my thoughts to flow free, knowing I was protected from the restraints of not knowing or understanding all the mechanical rules of the English language.
Each time her edits and recommendations were returned to me, I found myself entirely excited and motivated with what felt like nuclear power to continue writing. Through Dawn, your inner strength and confidence in developing your manuscript will increase exponentially the more you write."
Rick Marske
Manufacturing Manager / Fortune 100 Companies
Author of "Angel on Ice"

"Dawn is professional and easy to communicate with. She has been a wonderful blessing."

Charlotte Roper
Author of Who Do You Serve? There is No Gray Area

"Dawn Kinzer possesses a skilled editor's knack for spotting my manuscript's sloppy spots and suggesting excellent ways to improve. She often helps me refine not only word choices and paragraph sequencing, but also the plot and characters. But even more than her critiquing skills, I've come to rely on Dawn's coach-like cheers and support about both my manuscripts and my career as an author."                                             

Ocieanna Fleiss 
Co-author of Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana 
and Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington

"I've been critiquing with fellow writer Dawn Kinzer for about five years. She has an eye for details and is very personable while sharing feedback. Dawn is well versed in fiction and has a feel for what works in a story, what might be missing and how to include it, as well as what elements the story would be better without. I believe her strengths of knowing grammar rules and catching details would serve her well in editing nonfiction as well. She works with the intention of helping the writer's overall craft, while addressing the editing needs of the moment. 
She is a true professional, with a servant's heart. I highly recommend her editing services." 
Annette M. Irby 
Author of Love Letters
and Husband Material

"As a beginning freelance writer, much to my pleasure, I discovered Dawn Kinzer. She was thorough. I was pleased to find that she did not refrain from giving me tough criticism and advice. Her word is literally her bond. She did everything she promised—and on time.

Probably the most important thing for me about Dawn is that I believe we became genuine friends. Through our open communications, I believe we came to mutually understand each other, and she was able to subsequently judge and interpret who I am and what I was attempting to convey through my writing. 

Dawn is a great talent and a refreshing child of God. Expressions of her personal faith gave me great confidence that our professional association was one more confirmation that my writing project is ordained of God."

Allen L. Perry  
Author of Delightfully Terrible

"I want to highly recommend Dawn Kinzer and her editorial work. Although published as a Christian life author, I am aspiring to develop my gifts in the fiction arena. Dawn’s assistance has been extremely helpful. Her critique of my material has been fair, yet direct. She picks up on inconsistencies in the story, and points out what may seem trivial: shoes instead of boots in my story, as an example. She offers encouragement and direction, which I need a great deal of. I believe she would be a beneficial mentor, and I hope to take advantage of her guidance again."

William Shifflett
Author of The Christmas Truce

Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing
Dawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write EditingDawn Kinzer, Faithfully Write Editing

"I once read an interview with a publisher of a highly regarded Christian magazine, who, when asked what he felt was the most important element to writing a book, said without reservation, "find a good editor!" Being a budding new author, I had no idea the wisdom of which this man spoke. In my naïveté, I thought I could do it with a few of my trusted friends. Little did I know. Thank goodness my publisher insisted on an editor, and to our good fortune, we found Dawn Kinzer; a true godsend! 

Now that the book is finished, though Dawn didn't pen the book, I can't help but think how her expertise has made the book better. Much better.  From correcting my quotes of Scripture (you would think transcribing from the pages of the Bible would be easy ... but it wasn't), to making difficult thoughts easier to read, I marvel that a book with such deep concepts to ponder, could "read" so effortlessly. It didn't always. Dawn’s contributions can be seen throughout the book. Her expertise and the manner in which she conducts business was exactly what I needed. I would imagine most authors would feel the same way. 

Thank you, Dawn, for a job well done. With more to be written, I take comfort knowing that I'm I good hands. I look forward to future collaborations." 

Thomas Sedaker
Author of What is Man that Thou Art Mindful of Him?

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